In college you never know who you’re bound to meet. During my first semester in college I met a lot of interesting people. Although I met a lot of different people there was this one person who was quite different than the rest. His choice of attire looked like he was a rapper from the 90’s (dad attire). This young man and I also stayed on the same floor of the dorm. Every night and morning all I heard was a loud thumping sound coming from somewhere in the dorm. As I began to complain to my roommate I soon realized that this noise was coming from someone who was making beats. This loud noise was unpredictable, it always came at the craziest times of the day. As I went to go see who was responsible for this noise, I quickly realized it was one of my fellow teammates from the football team. “HitKidd” is what he called himself. HitKidd was a full time student and football player who was utilizing his short amount of leisure time to work on his craft as a producer. Let’s just say that all of those late nights and early mornings are paying off. HitKidd is now one of the more promising up and coming Dj/producer’s coming out of Memphis, TN.





Memphis has a variety of rappers that have blown up in the last couple of years. The city is becoming a force to be reckoned with. How big of a role do the Memphis producers and beat makers play in this?



A whooooooooole lot, but a lot of artists were putting producers on the backburner like they didn’t need them and it turns out within the past year producers are starting to come out on top more than the artist. Nowadays, you’re not just gonna drop a song and give credit to the artist, now you gotta give credit to everyone that put the song together.




What inspired you to start making beats? How’d you go about learning to do it?



Never really was inspired, I was always interested in music since my dad would take me to the studio all the time when I was young but I didn’t think I would a producer. I started when me and my neighbors was looking at their brother computer that had fruity loops on it. We all said we were gonna download it and try it out. So then we took it from there and we would come back and let each other listen to our beats. I learned just by messing with the buttons and figuring things out on my own on the program.



What is your favorite beat that you’ve done so far?



My favorite beat is probably a beat which I sampled T.A.T.U “All The Things She Said” song. I made it and my friend Adamn Killa made a hit out of it called my “My Stance” which got played on a world tour.



What does a producer/beat maker have to do in order to blow up coming out of Memphis?



There is no specifics, you just have to work hard and stay focused and consistent. Also, you need an image just to keep yourself in the loop and expect to reach other audiences. It also takes knowing someone. Your beats can be slaw (trash) and you might know how to contact Lil Wayne to get him to rap on it and then you’re put on from there.



What are some qualities about your work that you feel differ from others?


My spontaneous style to be able to sound Memphis and then make a House beat. I’m one of the hardest working producers in Memphis and I grind different from others in ways people wouldn’t even understand. I know most of my artists on a personal level and I’m not talking about making jokes or anything, I’m talking checking up on them from time to time not even on a music tip. I make sure they stay focus. The way I dress also stands out because I have a vintage dad type of swag.







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