Slavery in America lasted for almost 300 years before it was abolished. It has been abolished for about 150 years now. Jim Crow has also been abolished for almost 60 or 70 years now. I state these dates to reiterate that America is still fairly new to the whole supposedly “no racism” thing. Well, we all should be able to agree that “no racism” and America shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. This country still has a deep rooted race problem that hasn’t been fixed yet. The sad part about it is that it’s now getting worst instead of better. The current president has taken office and completely divided the country.  “Make America Great Again” (great for who exactly?) has given these hidden racist a sense of pride, and now they’ve start to come out of their hiding and become more vocal about their true beliefs. I’m sort of glad that this is happening right now. America isn’t all peaches and cream, and now the rest of the world can see that. Racism is here and isn’t going away any time soon. Every day we interact with these racist who don’t believe that their actually racist because they may have a black friend here or there. Growing up in the south I’ve come across a lot of bold white people. They say things that should never be said, but they still say it and insist that their not racist. Below I’ll list 5 things that white people should never say to a black person, and if you have said one of these things then YES you’re one of the racist people I’m talking about.



The “N” word


The “N” word should never be said by a white person. I don’t care who said it or who says it. What makes you feel entitled to use this word anyway? Can you tell me when slavery started and ended? Can you tell me how many slaves were killed during slavery? Do you know the name of your great great great grandparents, yes? Well, I couldn’t name you mines if I wanted to because my ancestors weren’t even granted the right to obtain a birth certificate. How many of your “great” leaders were assassinated because of the color of their skin? There are plenty more things I can say, but you probaly get the picture by now.


“You’re _______ for a black person”


What the hell does this even mean? You can’t honestly think this Is a compliment right? Do you even recognize what’s going on in the world today? You and your kids favorite white celebrities are appropriating the hell out of the black culture. Big butts, big lips, and dark skin? Let me guess, white people invented that too? SMH


Calling another adult a Boy/Girl


Please don’t ever make the mistake of calling a black adult boy or girl. This is pure disrespect. It’s blatantly disrespectful coming from a person of any race to be honest. Although there is Something about it coming from a white person that just makes my blood boil. So yeah, don’t do this either.

“You People”


You people? How do you generalize a whole race of people? I don’t go around claiming that every little white boy is going to shoot up the school. So you shouldn’t go around making generalized statements about a whole race either. Please, and thank you.

“Why does everything have to be about race”


Ummmmm did you see your current presidents campaign that got him into office? Everything may not be about race, but 99 percent of it is. Its 2018 and we’re still having the “1st black” person to do something. Hell, I live in a parish that has yet to have a black parish president or a black head football coach for the local team. I guess we call that progress though.