“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.” – Michelle Phan


Makeup, makeup, makeup. Makeup is a booming industry. Within the last five years I’ve seen an influx of MUA’s (makeup artist) enter the already crowded industry hoping to make a name for themselves. Makeup catches a lot of flack from various people for all types of different reasons. Some might say you should embrace your natural skin tone, or why do you hate the way you look, there are so many negative remarks about makeup that its quite overwhelming. Well, you can like it or not but makeup is here to stay. It is a billion dollar industry and plenty of people are trying to get a piece of that very large pie. So, what separates a good makeup artist from one that’s not so good ? Personally, I believe it’s the passion and drive to be great is what separates the MUA’s who are the shit at what they do compared to the people whoes makeup skills aren’t really up to par. You have to be able to accept the mistakes that you make along the way then carry on to the next client and perform a better service until you perfect your craft. “Amanda Lee” is doing exactly that. This 21 year old woman is giving other MUA’s a run for their money. Being in the makeup game for some years now she has already seen herself soar up the ranking to be considered one of the legit MUA’s from Louisiana. As you know, anybody can pick up a makeup brush and call themselves a MUA. Well, the founder of the MUA brand “GlamByAmanda” took a different approach than most. She worked her ass off until she met the satisfaction of her clients. A quick glance at her Instagram page to see some of the great reviews that Amanda receives from her clients might give you a little insight of how good of an MUA she actually is. After receiving plenty of valuable knowledge along her journey to becoming a well established MUA, Amanda feels that it is now time to give back some of that knowledge to other aspiring MUA’s. She is hosting her first event called “Woman2Woman” that will be held on the 24th of March in New Orleans, LA (Link to “Woman2Woman event). This event is set to teach other MUA’s multiple ways to do makeup and plenty of other things pertaining to makeup that will help them better their own craft. I’m sure it will be a great 1st event for the “GlamByAmanda” brand.















The beauty industry has been booming for the past couple of years and it’s on a steady increase. So many people are trying their hand in the industry. What do you believe makes you stand out from the rest of the MUA’s?




“Good question! But the answer is nothing crazy. I just think me being myself makes me different. My personality mainly. I kinda think I’m funny, I’ve created many great relationships over the years with my clients from just being myself and going above and beyond to make their day!”





You have an MUA event (Woman2Woman) coming up on the 24th of March. Can you elaborate more on your event and how it can possibly benefit a fellow MUA by attending?




“Yes! I have my very first makeup seminar one the 24th of March! This class goes in depth on how I apply makeup for the daytime and night from start to finish. I also put together a bag in which everyone will receive of all my favorite products that I believe are important in everyday makeup application. As far as makeup artist attending I think it’ll be cool for them to see how I apply makeup on someone else and how I interact.”





What has been the biggest improvement you’ve made thus far far since the start of you

MUA career to now ?



“I think me pushing myself to do things out of my comfort zone has changed my career tremendously.”







What’s one thing that you’d tell someone who wants to become an MUA but is afraid to take that leap ?




“I’d tell that person to not worry about other MUAs when starting out, never compare yourself. There’s way too many people out here worrying about the next. I think when you do that you’ll always be behind. Challenge yourself and stay in your own lane.”













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