Lolly A.K.A “LookAtLolly” is ahead of the curve when it comes to social media. Years ago she went viral from a vine video, and she still remains relevant today. Lolly has amassed 10’s of thousands of followers across all her social media platforms. She knows how to interact with her followers, which in return keeps them interested in what she has going on. One day you might see her stirring up a fuss on the internet from asking a simple thought provoking question. Another day you might see her promoting her travel agency “Lolly Travels”. You never actually know whats up with her, but you do know something is always up. That is what’s so unique about her, she’s always doing her own thing and thinking ahead. Lolly has her hand in a variety of different business ventures. I’ll be typing for days trying to explain everything she does. I do have one word that can probably sum her up pretty well, “Hustler”.








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Below Lolly discusses the current state of Nola hip hop plus more. 








Everybody knows you from the Infamous “cowgirl boots” vine. You damn near became an internet star after that. It’s been years later since then and the landscape of things have changed a lot. What are some other things you’ve been up to since the ending of vine?



Since vine is not around anymore. I been traveling the world, doing music really trying to find other things to be successful in and also doing thing I love and have a passion in.







We notice that you’re New Orleans straight to the core. Can you tell us what some positives about being from New Orleans are?



Yes I love my city and even doe I don’t stay there anymore, I always still hold it down. Positive things I love about the city is the food of course, but also the culture.




New Orleans once ran the rap game. No Limit & Cash Money were two giants based out of one city. 20 Plus years later New Orleans has been put on the back burner of the rap game and is seeking its way back in. With the back and forth battling between Lil Wayne and Birdman it feels like New Orleans has hit an all-time low when speaking about hip hop. I’m seeing more people blow up from other parts of Louisiana. Rappers like (NBA YoungBoy, JayDaYoungin, Tec x Maine, etc…). Can you explain how New Orleans rappers have taken a backseat to other cities within its own state when it use to once dominate the entire rap game?



We don’t really have any record labels out here, also we don’t support each other enough. Everything is about who is popping and have the most clout. Also local rappers are trying to sound like other rappers from other city.





You also make music on top of a lot of other things you have going on. What inspired you to start making music and what is your favorite song by yourself so far?




I been wanted to do music since I was younger but me being funny kind of lost focus and I only stuck to just being funny. My favorite song by me is “Lah Potnah”.



What must New Orleans do to get back relevant in the rap world?



We need to get our sound back. New Orleans sound is being use by so many rappers and the local rappers are trying to sound like them.





Name your top 3 artist out of NOLA at the moment?


I really don’t have a top 3 at the moment. I like so many but my favorite of all time is Soulja Slim.