Each and every day black women are proving the world wrong. Barriers are being broken at a rate never seen before. Even though the world tries to divide black women, loads of them are still prospering in spite of the obstacles placed against them. What I love so much about seeing black women prosper is that it gives the younger generation of black girls’ options other than the things that are plastered all over the T.V. screen and social media (you all know what I’m talking about, so no need to get into detail). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that the odds are heavily stacked against our women, but through all of the dificulties they still find a way to defy the odds. I came across someone who is doing exactly that, defying the odds plus much more. Kash’Mir Foley, please don’t forget that name.


This young woman has continuously set lofty goals for herself and have been knocking them down one by one. Now don’t get me wrong. A lot of people are smart, but they tend to not apply themselves. That’s what makes Kash’mir so special. Being a black woman you can’t go without applying yourself and still expect rewarding results. You absolutely have to give your all, then some, and then some more. I hate that its like that, but I love that young woman like Kash’Mir are changing the unwarranted stereotypes placed upon black woman. If you took a quick observation of Kash’Mir you would be able to tell that she has her mind set on doing great things throughout her lifetime. Kash’Mir is most definitely blazing a pathway for other young girls to follow. She has narrowed her college options down to two schools, she will pick between Harvard and Duke University. Either school would be gaining a great asset in my personal opinion. Becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon is on the top of Kash’Mirs list of things to accomplish.

Becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon would be a big enough accomplishment for most people, Kash’Mir isn’t other people. She also stated to me the desire to be the best in her field (I’m sure she’ll accomplish this also). After establishing herself in her desired field she also wishes to open up three clinics that will be named after her grandmother and two cousins who are deceased (Corinne, Corin, and Cardo).

I can’t wait to see all of the things this young woman will accomplish while on her journey. A Million Roses Blog thank you for being such a great role model. Keep being you while inspiring others!



Below we’ll list some of Kash’Mirs accomplishments

  • Accepted into Harvard Secondary School program this Summer.

  • Completed Xavier University’s ChemStar Program being named Mrs.ChemStar2017

  • Attended Camp Cardiac at Tulane University dissecting a pig heart and furthering my cardio path.

  • Maintained a 4.5 GPA the last three years of highschool, making a B freshman year in fine arts.

  • Being chosen as a literary rally representative for Riverside Academy last four years

  • Attended Touro Hospital’s Health Career Camp.





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